2017 - MS Office Discontinue!
Posted on Sun 9th April 2017 7.06AM in category Life

Ok, as of April 2017 I am Microsoft Office  FREE!!!! No, not free as in doesn't cost anything, but free in that the suite of programs knows as MS Office is now deleted from my system(s) - PC and Android. And I couldn't be happier.
The majority of MS Office files - .doc, .docx, .xls, xlsx, etc - are all easily edited with LIBREOFFICE. A nice open sourced set of programs that do everything that I could ask of any of the word, excel, presentation files that I regularly use. Nice and easy....
Microsoft Outlook was another animal - search high and low to find a replacement that EASILY imported my Outlook setup - folders, emails, settings, etc. This was my last holdout for hanging onto Microsoft Office.
Along comes eM CLIENT. A nice, simple, accurate application for my PC laptop, desktops, etc that 'On Install' opted you to 'import' your existing Outlook files. And did so accurately importing all of my folders (and I have some from 1998), emails, and outlook settings into its belly.
Happy as a pig in mud - so now I've uninstalled MIcrosoft Office that Ihad received as a 'Work At Home' license while working at Geiger Bros.
The eM CLIENT free license is for up to 2 email addresses, but it works flawlessly.
Just general information for anyone that cares.

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